Welcome to Le Roullet !

We are living our passion for natural fibers and fiber arts every day - just like you!

We are raising our Shetland sheep, growing our plants for dying the permaculture way and process our wool onsite - fully organic and we love it!

On the left you can see Berlioz, our dominant male, hopefully the father of lots of lambs with perfectly soft wool next spring.

We are targeting an autonomous way of life, returning to a lifestyle that allows us to take control of the origins of what we consume; under "resources" we share our experience and discoveries - feel free to inspire yourself and try it out!

We also sell things that will help you to transform your fibers, be it spinning, carding or weaving.

If you are looking for a tool that you you cannot find on our website, please drop us a note, we'll do our best to help you;

The translation of our website from french to english is still ongoing; we apologise for not yet providing all content in english.