Spinning wheels

Inspired by the spinning wheels of old, the KROMSKI wheels are ideal for spinning wool or mixed fibers of all sorts.

All wheels and accessories are manufactures in Poland by the Kromski Family business, since 5 generations. All wooden parts are made of local wood and are turned and finished manually. The use of plastic and other modern materials is avoided if possible and kept almost invisible, making the spinning wheels aesthetically verly similar to the wheels of late medieval periods. 
Though modern materials like bearings and other industrial-grade features have been avoided, spinning and treadling is very easy and natural, allowing for long sessions of spinning without fatigue.

Hand spinning becomes thus a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation, almost meditation.

From an ergonomical point of view:

I am 1m96 tall, shoe size 12,5; my wife measures 1m64, shoe size 7. This is a very personal indicator to show that the KROMSKI wheels fit to people of all sizes or heights, with equal comfort.

The spinning wheels have to be assembled, which is very easy, Ikea-style. A detailed assembly notice in english is included, and there are videos online showing how to mount the wheels; you'll find the link to the video on each product page.

All Kromski spinning wheels are guaranteed 5 years by the manufacturer.

Kromski spinning wheels for spinning wool or various mixed fibers

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